Thursday, July 26, 2007

Technology update

I know this is not a "real" technology update but it is for me. I have finally been able to upload my meez and was able to link my flickr account with the library's. I had to upload my pictures from home and I know that my home computer is very slow. I was afraid that the pictures did not completely upload until I was able to log in to my account at the library. I still don't know how to upload pictures from an email.

Monday, July 23, 2007

End of Summer Term

This is my last week studying cataloging. I enjoyed the subject and start to ponder the future of cataloging along with the future of all the activities that we do in the library. I know this seems like a redundant statement but so much change is going on in the world of librarianship that I wonder what the future library will look like. It certainly will not be what I remember as a child or even as a young adult in college.
This week I read about RSS feeds and tried to set up an account. I have yet to see it come in my email and my free time is running out. I'll try again later.