Monday, February 4, 2008

Winter- the stirrings

I know that many people think that winter is the dead time but for me it is the time to restock and take a look at what you have and what you want.
I have taken stock in my relationships and see where I can have more. It takes a bit of adjusting and a bit of selfishness since most of the time I think of others first. But as of now I think that I need the start of a new time, a new look at what I have.
Just because I will be selfish this year doesn't mean I will ignore those I love because by being more selfish I can give them what they want with no regrets or resistence on my part.
Lets start with my one true love. More time with him is my selfish act. More time with him is what I want and never demanded now its different.
So, this is just a start. I have other things I want to do this year. I hope to make them happen.