Monday, August 27, 2007


I'm not convinced this will work well for me but I am giving it a try. Tagging is not what I do well.

ZOHO Writer

This is just what I was looking for when I started my online classes. This year I will try it and see if it works better for me. Last year I used PBwiki and though it worked it was not quite what I wanted. Lets see how this goes.

Posting on the MD Wiki page

Here is my blog beign registered. Margie

Item 16 on 23 things

Here is something I can find a purpose for in my life as a librarian. I have tried to set up wiki once. Not much happened. I have set up two for my classes and those worked fine. So, for my own use these are not a effective as I would like.
I checked out a couple of wiki set up by organizations and those seem to be useful. I liked the wiki set up by librarians , one was by ALA a best practice wiki and another was the one set up by Oregon Library" Library 2.0". Those offer good ideas in how libraries can use wikis.
I also liked the Wetpaint wiki but my problem is coming up with names for these. My imagination does not go beyond the basic names. I will take some time to set this one up.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rollyo search on my blog

Powered by Rollyo


I tried to set up a rollyo but I don't actually know what I am doing. Can some one explain this to me. I made a search tool titled " craft choice" but I don't know how to use this and wher it needs to go in order for me to use this tool.
I would appreciate some help.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Schools back in session

... or almost. Any way , I've been anxious about starting back up to school. So anxious that I was starting to panic since I was not able to get online to find out about my classes. I sent an anxious email to my professors. Then just as soon as I checked my emails there was a notice about waiting until the day classes start to find out about times and other details. Well, I stressed out fo no reason. but I do have a hard time navigating through the webpage to find out what I need. I am getting better at it. I should be really good at it by next semester.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My librarything

I have had this set up for a while but this is the first time that I will write about it. I lke to use library thing so I can keep thrack of some of the books I have read. I like this better than a journal since I can access it from anywhere.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

RSS feed

I have been exploring RSS and finally set up a bloglines news reader account. I don't relly like it but I am experimenting with it to see if it will fit my needs. At the present it is just and additional place for me to go and look at; its not a part of my easy access links. I need to try something else. If someone can tell me how to use this I would appreciate it.