Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Memory of Kits

On Monday, April 27, 2009 I lost my cat. Some people see my photo and wonder why a picture of my cat is there. She was with me for over 15 years. Always by my side. During the last few years she slept right by my head, I heard her breathing every night.
She was the only friend I had for many years. I was at home while my husband was away doing whatever military things he did and my daughter was at school. My cat never left my side. She talked to me, I talked to her. Now the house is silent. So quiet. No one will ever replace her.
At the time we said good by, I wanted to hold on to her just a bit longer. Wasn't there something else I could have done. But there was nothing to make her better. Her cancer had taken her spirit from us and only her shell of a body was left. I wanted to to hold on to her just a bit longer but she would have been the one to suffer for me and she had gone through enough already. How could I keep her for my selfish need. I miss her voice,I miss her warmth, I thoroughly miss her. I can no longer see the computer but I neede to say I loved her and miss her and the words are not enough.

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